Find out who we are and our approach.

more about our company and our approach to your lessons.

1. About us

find out who we are

Roadrunner Driving Academy is a driving school that helps teach our students to become safe and responsible drivers, we are based in Langley BC and offer our services to most of the lower mainland, go to our booking page to see if our services are offered in your city.

Our courses are structured toward you the learner. Our curriculum is designed to use interactive instructional strategies. Our goal is to show you more than just how to manoeuvre through traffic, we are here to teach you how to become a safe, responsible driver for life!

We provide individual in car lessons by the hour and we also offer several different courses for a fixed price, to find the course that is right for you today go to our courses page, or if you would like to book a course with us please go to our booking page and contact us through one of our booking methods.

Study and prepare for your learners test.

looking to get your learners, we can help you learn the skills you need.

We at Roadrunner Driving Academy will help you study and prepare for your upcoming learners test, we will teach you the knowledge that you will need to become a confident responsible driver that puts safety first for life.

  • Prepare for your upcoming learners test.
  • Learn the signs and what they mean and when.
  • Go over different scenarios and the proper reaction to them.
  • Learn the knowledge that you will need to be a safe drive

2. Study

learn the skills you need

Get the hands on experience you need.

practice the maneuvers needed to become a safe driver.

3. Practice

hands on experience

We will help you to think about the choices you can make as a driver to help keep yourself and other road users safe. We will provide you with constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement. We will help you to assess the risk and choose the best solution.

  • Prepare for your upcoming road test.
  • Practice the maneuvers needed to be ready for all scenarios.
  • Improve on your skills while learning more.
  • Practice road tests to prepare you for the real thing.

Welcome you are ready to be a safe driver.

our courses teach you everything needed to become a safe drive.

We have all the experience and knowledge needed to help get you on the road, our courses are structured to not only give you the skills needed to become a safe drive on the road but also to pass your road test and get you on the road.

  • Pass your road test and become a safe road user.
  • You will use the knowledge that you have learned everyday.
  • The manoeuvres you have learned will help keep you safe for life.
  • Remember to be aware of all road users when you are driving.

4. Graduate

welcome to the road

send us an email or give us a call and will schedule your classes around your schedule.